FAIR4S competences and capabilities

Version: 2.0 Feb 2019

Some description about the framework.

Plan and design Plan stewardship and sharing of FAIR outputs
Model data structures and define database needs
Specifying metadata and persistent id. standards
Analyse requirements for services or software
Appraise and select repositories for FAIR sharing
Capture and process Reuse data from existing sources
Manage databases
Software prototyping
Set up and document workflows
File naming and organisation
Data cleaning, processing and software versioning
Integrate and analyse Use or develop open research tools/services
Critical thinking and theory building
Creative problem solving, flexibility
Math and statistical knowledge application
Data transformation and integration
Data mining, querying, interpretation
Predictive modelling and analytics
Machine learning methods
Appraise and preserve Prepare and document for FAIR outputs
Data quality assurance using open standards
Assess FAIRness and check policy compliance
Data transfer and long-term storage
Format and media migration
Software review and preservation
Publish and release Publish FAIR outputs on recommended repositories
Access control and management
Ethical application of patents, licenses
Open access publishing and self-archiving
Documentation for public use, lay understanding
Engaging in open innovation beyond academia
Expose and discover Recognise, cite and acknowledge contributions
Metadata and persistent id. exposure
Visualisation and presentation of results
Evaluation of repository and publishing platforms
Searching repositories and scientific databases
Vocabulary/ ontology application
Govern and assess Develop open research strategy and vision
Apply policies to comply legal requirements, ethical & FAIR principles
Research integrity, attribution, impact awareness
Information security and risk management
Data governance, handling third-party data
Storage security management
Contributing to quality assessment or peer review
Scope and resource Secure funding for open science /support
Perseverance delivering diverse open research projects
Service level management
Change management
Workflow set-up and provenance information mgmt
Cloud environment and storage management
Authentication and authorisation (AAI) management
Costing of data management and preservation
Advise and enable Lead good practice by example
Engaging with research users and stakeholders
Developing a profile of open research
Training in open methods, services
Contributing to education, professional development
Contributing to open research, networks, standards bodies
Building open inter-disciplinary collaborations